Morgan & Nicolas Heritage Hall SAIT Wedding

September 5, 2018

Morgan and Nick met in 2013 on the dating app Tinder! That’s right, he swiped right! I’m losing track of how many of my couples have found their soul mate through an app or dating site. It’s pretty amazing!

Morgan remembers that he started his message with “hello” instead of the casual and most used “hi” so he instantly stood out from the others. It’s amazing how something so simple started the catalyst to something so special. They chatted for a bit through the app until they decided to meet each other at the Waves coffee by U of C downtown. Morgan worried he was going to be short, especially not really knowing those details from meeting on an app but when he walked in she realized how silly of a worry that was as he is quite tall!

They instantly felt like best friends, chatting for hours. It was easy, relaxed, and natural. They didn’t want to cut the date short so they went for a walk after they finished their coffee. They strolled along Stephen Avenue and went for a beer so they could hang out for a bit longer, not wanting the night to end. On their second date they went to go see one of their favourite bands, We Are The City.

Nick proposed a few years later in Vancouver on November 29, 2016 while they were away visiting his sister and celebrating her convocation. Shortly before this, Nick played a little prank on her and proposed with a ring pop so when he decided to propose Morgan jovially replied, “I hope its not a ring pop this time.” It sure wasn’t. Nick’s sister was hiding in the bushes capturing it all on camera when he got down on one knee and proposed…sans ring pop.

On August 25th, surrounded by both their families and friends, they married in the beautiful atrium at SAIT, surrounded by history and light. They shared some personal vows during their first look moment in privacy but also wrote their own vows for their ceremony. One of my favourite parts of the day was the very moving speeches from Morgans older sisters and her Dad. I always wanted to have a big family so it was so amazing to hear stories of how her sisters were so hard on her since of the age gap but how they loved her and admired her for her strength. Morgan is resilient, sensitive, and has a heart for adventure. Nick comes off very serious but the more you get to know him you see his kind and nerdy (star wars) heart, his easiness to laugh, and they both enjoy sharing new experiences together. They both love coffee, they met at a coffee shop after-all, so every guest got their own roast of Coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company and one-of-a-kind mug made by local artist Janette Miller as a thank you for supporting them and loving them during this next part of their lives together.

Congratulations again, Mr & Mrs Menard!! Morgan, after seeing all of your slides from your family, I hope one day you win over Nick to get a dog like when you won over your Dad! Golden Retrievers are so special. I grew up with them too! Can’t wait to see pictures of said fur-baby when it happens!!



August 25, 2018

Second Shooter: Landon Anholt
Venue: SAIT, Heritage Hall
HMUA: Avenue Beauty
Florist: Brown Dog Floral
Dress Boutique: Novia Mia Bridal
Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Suit: Indochino

Rentals: Great Events
Catering: Impressions, SAIT
Favours: Calgary Heritage Roasting Company Coffee + Janette Miller Pottery