Megan & Nevan Autumn Blush Calgary Wedding

October 29, 2018

Photographing for another talented professional photographer is always such a high honour, you just know they have a great eye so its basically an instant compliment, so needless to say I was pretty excited to be working with  Megan from Little Dot Creative + Me Plus You Studios on the most important day of her life, marrying her best friend Nevan. Especially when I had talked to her previously through the magical world of social media: instagram! But Megan tends to find all the right people in her life through the internet…

They met on a dating website, E-Harmony, in 2012! It was around mid-December when Nevan decided to send his phone number to Megan after his little ice-breaker message via the website, I can only imagine what he had as an opener, he is such a sweet but funny guy. They ended up talking over text for the next few weeks before getting the courage to go on a first date which was at Starbucks. It was then and there after 3 hours of conversation that they found such comfort in one another, a real friendship to build a relationship upon, so much so that Megan was late for dinner with her family.

After Megan graduated in 2014, they moved in together in to Nevans bachelor pad and she took to painting it before her move-in was official so it felt like a space they were coming together in; a new chapter for them both. Not too long after, once settled, they welcomed sweet ‘Nilla’ bean in to their family, their precious black lab who has so much spunk and personality. (More on her to come!)

Nevan was ready to pop the question in 2015 but things were pretty busy still and life felt a little too chaotic so he waited. Megan had started her businesses and they were settling in to their life with Nilla when he decided to ask her to marry him in 2017. He had it all planned, he would propose on Christmas. Megan always struggled with Christmas, it was a day that was just a bit tougher than the others and so Nevan wanted to make Christmas a happier memory, a date in the calendar that would just mean so much more to them and something to look forward to. So, on December 25, 2017, Nevan took the ring (which was hidden in the Christmas tree) and got down on one knee and said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, Megan, will you marry me?”

This fall they exchanged their private vows in fish creek park, on a path they would often walk sweet Nilla, bridging the past to their future of walking those paths as soon-to-be husband and wife. Not before they played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to see who would have to go first, which ended up being Nevan. They shared their promises and tears privately so they could have a quick and stress-free ceremony and it worked. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was so warm and calm and we could take our time during their photos to catch their breath, to take it all in, and to even get some photos with Nilla with her beautiful floral crown.  The first look was definitely the highlight for me, especially seeing Nevans expression when he saw her (see below) and I also think for them as its the mark of starting their new chapter as a single unit, a family with Nilla, in one of their favourite spots that they will continue to revisit. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jack! I am so insanely excited for you two as you start this next chapter as husband and wife. I hope you both LOVE California, soak in the newly-wed bubble of bliss in Disneyland (like what better way?) and never stop looking forward to your next adventure as best friends and soul mates. 


October 20, 2018



Second Shooter: Landon Anholt
Officiant: Abby Charchun
Venue: Cranston Communit Centre
Florals: Hen & Chicks
Hair+MU: Makeup by Obsidian
Dress: Essence of Australia
Boutique: Novia Mia
Earrings: Cinder + Sage
Rentals: Chair Affair
Suit: RW&Co
Cake: Bake My Day
Videographer: Dreamwakes
Catering: Brokin Yolk
DJ: Analog Squad