Julianna & Jared, A Simple + Sophisticated Acreage Wedding

August 27, 2018

One of the most highly requested wedding dates and I am so glad I got to spend it with these two! I actually met Julianna years ago when we both worked for lululemon athletica at southcentre mall here in Calgary. Just like her bridesmaids who met her at the Edmonton store! We all bonded over stretchy pants, it’s pretty amazing the kind of friendships you can formulate over your love of athletic wear.I was so incredibly excited when I got her email that not only she got engaged but she wanted me to be a part of it! It’s so amazing how people can come back in to your life in such amazing ways. 

Jared met Julianna in a different way in 2010. He had a break between classes during the day at University and would often spend it eating and studying with friends. One of these breaks he went to the Earls on campus and Julianna was working their as a server. He noticed her right away and ended up coming back a few times a week hoping he could see her again and try to sit in her section. Earls later had a Christmas appreciation event for their returning guests. Jared felt like it was the perfect time to ask her out and ended up giving his number and grabbing hers as well. It wasn’t too long after they went on their first date in the new year. It was an Oilers games against Minnesota. Their second date was a blue plate dinner where they ended up having their first kiss.

In 2015, they moved in together in Edmonton. Jared decided to propose during an upcoming trip they had planned to New York City. It was New Years Eve and he had it in his suit jacket while they were at the Museum of Modern Art. There was this beautiful little courtyard with a waterfall but the water was turned off, an idyllic little spot but with the waterfall not on it lost its ambience. He kept rehearsing what he was going to say in his head all day. So they went for supper by the ocean in Manhatten, at The Smith. There was balloons on the ceiling and Jared felt like it was too loud with the NYE festivities to propose so they ended up walking down to the water but it was that was also too loud, so they ended up in a little side street that Julianna remembered feeling a bit “murderey” haha.  Jared then proposed and Julianna was taken back and completely surprised. 

On a smokey Saturday, they got married on Juliannas parents acreage in Priddis, Alberta surrounded by the beautiful foothills, their friends and family. It was truly a family affair with so many sweet little additions of the people they love; Jareds mom made the gorgeous succulent cake, his Oma and Opa made their famous meatballs and they had the Korovail a Ukranian “bird cake.” It was exactly what they had envisioned, a laid back day filled with the people they love most with great home-made food. It was amazing.

Congratulations again, Mr & Mrs Vandermeer! Wishing you both so many blessings as you embark this next chapter as husband and wife and so incredibly excited to see what is next! 


August 18, 2018


Second Shooter: Landon Anholt
Florist: C D BLOOM
HMUA: Something Borrowed Beauty
Videographer: Magnolias Consulting Group