Heather & Geoff’s Modern Boho Wedding, The Hemmingway Room

August 17, 2018

Heather and Geoff met back in 2011 when life was very different. Heather just had more life ahead of her when she met him at her brother-in-law Vance’s birthday. For 5 years they lost touch. It wasn’t until, as Andrea even put it in her bridesmaid speech, “the universe… and me,” got involved to bring these two back together. It’s as if everyone else knew before they did.

Andrea messaged Geoff on Facebook and he ended up calling her for permission to ask her little sister on a date, he wanted to be respectful and to get her sisters blessing before moving forward. Andrea, knowing how wonderful Geoff is, of course, was thrilled.

During their first date, it very much felt like a friend zone situation. But when Heather showed up at Geoff’s house for their second date, two bottles of wine in hand and the movie Rocky (his fave), asking cheekily, “so do we hate Apollo?” It stopped him in his tracks. It was at that moment that he realized he wanted to marry her. For real.

On June 25, 2016, her family was having a BBQ. Geoff being the man that he is had to ask both her parents for permission to ask Heather to marry him. Her mom Geri cried and her Dad Doug was ready to pop some champagne to celebrate but they had to keep it under wraps just a little longer till he could propose to her. The whole family was so excited.

In March of 2017, during a trip in Cuba, Geoff proposed with a message in a bottle. Heathers best friend and some other friends made the trip down to Cuba to celebrate with them shortly after.

That brings us to today, the wedding day, and oh man what a day it was. I lost count of how many times I cried. Heather & Geoff are surrounded by so much love its palpable, friends, family, and I am sure complete strangers on the street, its like a magnetic pull. I knew of Heather’s story of heartbreak before she met Geoff, as I knew her sister and she even came to my yoga classes a few times, so I am so incredibly excited to see her so loved by an incredibly thoughtful man who truly loves her the way that she should be loved. Together they are so effortless. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine them without the other they are such a perfect pair, a true friendship built on admiration, respect, and of course the hots for each other haha, a little fire.

Heather is an amazing listener, an open-book, genuine, and passionate dance teacher who loves on her students hard. Geoff is a “doomsday” man, as in he is incredibly prepared, not crazy. He is also incredibly thoughtful, loyal, and not afraid to express his emotions. On their wedding day, he had posted the 10 days of Heather on Facebook and then printed them and hung them in their home for her to walk through the house and read them. To see all the ways he loves her and treasures her before she walked down the aisle to marry him. It was so romantic.

This is quickly becoming a novel! I just wanted to say thank you to both the Gordon and Schreyer family for being so incredibly warm, gracious, and loving. I felt like I was a part of the family all day and it was just amazing to witness all the love surrounding these two. Now, one big family, both are so lucky to have each other. Congratulations again, Mr & Mrs Schreyer!

August 11, 2018

Second Shooter: Landon Anholt
Venue: The Hemmingway Room, The Commons Calgary
Florist: Always Sunny Design
Dress Boutique: Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique
Dress Designer: Truvelle
Brides Hair & Makeup: TopKnotBrides
Earrings: Melanie Auld Jewellery 
Hand chain: Coutukitsch
Grooms Suit: Entitled
Groomsmen: Tiptop
Cake: Pretty Sweet Co
Catering: Great Events 
Rentals: Great Events
Ceremony Band: Billy ZiZi

Dj: Local DJ