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I love getting to know every couple, hearing their stories, and connecting so that when it becomes your wedding day, I am just another friend in the crowd, teary-eyed, and ecstatic.

Friends capture friends in beautiful intimate ways and that is exactly how I want to photograph you two; perfectly yourselves and unabashedly in love. I’m going to hug your mom, cry during your speeches, line-dance with you on the dance-floor and assist you in every way that your best friend would. I am here for you – for the entire ride and I can’t wait to meet you and the love of your life so I can share your story!


Loves photography and thinks its an important piece in their wedding story. They are playful, deeply in love, and not afraid to show it. Their favourite photos are romantic, joyful, genuine, and candid.  They love to express who they are together and separately. They believe in story; that theirs is worth telling and sharing. They value family, growth, honesty, compassion, and timeless treasures. 

They are laid-back, adventurers of the world who love being outdoors exploring together. They aren’t afraid to get a little dirty if need be. They are loyal, whole-hearted, and believe in the beauty of this one magical life that they are about to share together.